I use a custom HUD in TF2. From 2018 onward, I’ve used BUDHUD. Follow the directions on the wiki to enable my exact settings, such as the centered metal count and custom menu background.

From 2014 to 2018 I used RAYSHUD.

Custom Engineer Animations

I use custom engineer viewmodel animations. In Casual Mode, these animations do not work without doing a workaround, but they usually work in community servers like Uncletopia. Click HERE to download them.

Custom Hitsound

I use a custom hitsound in TF2. You can download it HERE. Name the file hitsound.wav and put in the tf/custom/stuff/sound/ui folder.

Custom Configs

I use a custom config, which is basically just a collection of files that manage my in-game settings. This includes my custom binds, scripts, and visual settings that I use every day.

Download Config

Note: Uncle Dane’s configs ARE intended to be a resource for you to pull from in order to improve your own established settings. They are NOT a config pack like mastercoms or comanglia. Please refer to the README in the downloadable folder for more information.